I shot my first house in 1978. Since then, shooting interiors and architecture has been the cornerstone of G Russ Images.

And I am doing what I love and do best: architectural photography! 

We’re shooting custom and production homes, hotels and resorts, commercial buildings, retail stores, military bases, public buildings and more…inside and out.

We are uniquely skilled to shoot all environments. I cut my teeth on a 4×5 and for years processed my own film. I also bought one of the first high-end digital cameras and grew my studio to be one of the largest in Texas. We know technology but we learned lighting from the old school… Light it right for the camera, not the computer!

Centrally located in Austin, Texas, we can be anywhere the next day. Taking our show on the road ensures we have everything we need when we get to your location. Our palette is extensive: Tungsten, HMI and Strobe lights are all on board. We do a walk-through with the client, assess the environment and begin to paint with the appropriate light. My style is to light without the viewer knowing the source.

But we expertly work the images in post production to help with details that couldn’t be tended to on the shoot: Dead grass, broken roof tiles, burned out sign letters… You get the picture. Again, we want our retouching stroke to be effective but discreet. And then we deliver beautiful hi-resolution images, web size jpegs and contact sheets on disk. We archive them for you, too.

We are old school perfectionists with new school technology. We have been shooting for some clients for decades and they’ve always loved the images. But the work we are doing today is light years ahead of the old work. The tools are better and there is something to be said for 33 years experience. Shooting has never been this fun.

We are a low-key, low maintenance, hard working team. We are respectful and carefully operate in every environment. We are up early and shoot late, following the low horizon sun. We’re appropriately insured and uniquely prepared. I know you will appreciate our professional execution and our easygoing manner. And if we shoot your project you can be sure we’ll do it right and make it beautiful. No worries!