We get a lot of compliments on our work – and many questions about how we get our unique look. I can answer this way: There is no one thing we do that creates our “look”. It is a blend of finding the best perspective, choosing the right lens, using the appropriate color temperature of light, using the right light head and the proper light shaping tools. And in many cases we will shoot 6 to 10 images of each scene. Once the images are captured we will spend another day compositing, retouching, color correcting, level tweaking and sharpening.

The process seems technical, and to a large degree it is. But much of the overall success of the final image relies on my interpretation and visualization before the shoot ever begins. It’s difficult to impart that vision in words to my clients, but fortunately my clients trust me to make it happen, and most don’t even attend the shoot.

Many words have been used to describe our work: romantic, sexy, dramatic, and painterly. We appreciate those kind words, but our goal is to draw the viewer into the scene. If we can get them to stop for a moment and draw in their mind’s eye, then we have satisfied our client’s needs. In this visually-saturated world, that’s no easy task.