“The subtle nuances of light eluded me until I owned my first camera. With ownership came responsibility, so I disciplined myself to become a critical observer: the way light bends around a corner, paints the sidewalk as it bounces off red stucco, filters green through a magnolia, bronze the skin at dusk.

The camera helps me process who I am: quiet, meditative, a student of life and the way it is continually constructed and deconstructed. Architectural Photography called me, became my medium of expressing light and form, and endures as my way of capturing the realm we live in and the balance of the world we create.  The challenge is to bring depth and space into a compressed two-dimensional window.

Finding the intersection of line, volume and depth is a discovery process. Lighting is the merging of the divine and the filament. My task, my gift, my joy is to marry them without disturbing the dance.”